About Air 1

We at Air1Air see it as our duty to establish a new Airline Service which provides maximum safety, dependability and professionalism to meet our customers’ satisfaction for both their business and leisure travel needs. We will achieve this by using the latest commercial airline technologies together with proven professional commercial airline management techniques. We intend to remove unnecessary costs so that we can offer our customers the lowest possible airfare along with the highest safety and high quality services, with respect and dignity.
After years of extensive study and research, over 30 top airline management executives and experts, all with long and successful track records, including extensive experience organizing and managing other start-up airline businesses, together with other highly qualified legal and financial experts decided to come together and launched Air1Air. We decided that Air1 be operated on a Low Cost, Low Fare, No Frills Passenger Scheduled basis.
We look forward to flying with you!!

Our Cost Strategies

The Low Cost Airline model is based on managing and minimizing unnecessary costs.

Our strategies for reducing operational costs are:

Customer services

  • No Frills
  • No GDS fees
  • No Agency Fees
  • Charge for all extras
  • Charge for inflight food
  • Charge for assigned seating

Aircraft related

  • Utilize only one type of aircraft, which are the most economical and suitable for the Iranian environment.


  • Outsourcing
  • Simplify procedures
  • Increase productivity
  • Optimize use of equipment
  • Continuously Improve processes
  • Operate efficiently and effectively

Our Mission

To be a successful Commercial Low-Cost, No Frills, Scheduled Passenger Airline, providing Safe, High Quality, Affordable and punctual Air Travel. We are committed to satisfying our customers and employees needs and caring for them with passion and respect.

Our Values

  • Safety
  • Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Customer Focus
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Care for Human Capital
  • Respect for Human Beings

Our Differentiation Strategies

  • Punctuality
  • Customer orientated attitude
  • Internet sales and ticketless travel
  • Competent and Talented Human Capital
  • Comprehensive and Cutting-Edge use of Information Technology


third floor – Meraj BLD. – No 43 – Lashkari Av.


+98 21 44640407